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What is Clown Day ?

Clown groups often celebrate just one day instead of en entire Week. They call it Clown Day or World Clown Day.


 In Mexico, Clown Day is December 10. In Peru, Clown Day is May 25. In other places, Clown Day is April 1st

Around the World

In Mexico, they call it día internacional del payaso on  el 10 de Diciembre

In Peru, the call it dia mundial del payaso on el 27 May

In Brazil, they call it dia internacional do palhaço

In Netherlands, they call it internationale clown dag

In Italy, they call it internazionale pagliaccio giorni

In Norway, they call it internasjonal klovn dag

The start of Clown Day

We think that there has been a Clown Day, since there have been clowns.

The first Clowns

Some four thousand years ago in ancient China, a buffoon called Yusze, served at the court of Emperor Shih Huang-ti Chiiu.  And the Emperor had one day each  year for his buffon or clown.


Most people would agree this would be the first documentation of a fools or clowns or buffoons or jester and the first clown day.


 Since then almost every society has had fools or clowns or buffoons or jesters

Festival of Fools

And these societies had a day when these fools or clowns or buffoons or jesters were celebrated

So we have had a Clown Day of some form  or another for a very long time











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