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Lifetime of Laughter Awards

The Clown Hall of Fame awards the Lifetime of Laughter Awards

For more information, check their website at

A “Lifetime of Laughter Awards"

1990 Larry Harmon

1990 Willard Scott

1991 Max Patkin

1991 Aye Jaye

1992 Allen Hall

1993 Kohl & Company

1994 Ben Barkin

1995 Dr. Joel Goodman

1997 Charles “Chappie" Fox

1998 Alan Livingston

1999 Keith “Glitsy" Crary

2000 Meadowlark Lemon


Hopefully the Clown Hall Fame will start awarding "Lifetime of Laughter" awards again. But until then, there are other awards, worth noting. Such as the following:


Doug Fletcher Lifetime Achievement Awards           


Legionnaires of Laughter Awards


National Comedy Hall of Fame Awards


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