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Frequently asked questions on Clown Week

Q: When is Clown Week ? Is the same every year And why ?

A: Clown Week is always August 1-7 . It is always the same 7 days, the first week in August. 


Q: Is it National Clown Week or International Clown Week ?

A: It started out as National Clown Week. When Clowns of America reorganized and became Clowns of America International in 1991, they decided to rename National Clown Week to International Clown Week. Most clowns just refer to it to as Clown Week.


Q; Who is the sponsor of Clown Week?

A: While the clown group - Clowns of America International is considered the sponsor of Clown Week, many clowns group from the around world celebrate Clown Week include those from World Clown Association (USA), ClownsCanada (Canada), Shrine Clown Association (USA) and Clowns International (UK)


Q: Is there really a law about Clown Week ?

A: Yes and it is US Public Law 91-443 and for more details review "How it all began" . To see the official copy of Public Law review this document  Public law 91-443


Q: What do clowns and clown groups do to celebrate Clown Week ?

A: Celebrations take on a variety of forms. Such as putting on shows in malls, child care centers, hospitals and nursing homes.  Or they can be Educational events about clowning and fund raisers for numerous charitable causes.  Or clown appearances in parades, grand openings, greeting people, visiting kids at the hospital, and appearances at other places.


Q: How many clowns celebrate Clown Week ?

A:  The answer is a lot. Clown Groups from a around the world have a total membership of more than 10,000 clowns and all of clowns in the world do not belong to a clown group. So our guess is that there are more than 20,000 clowns world wide. We think they all celebrate Clown Week in one shape or another.






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